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Stop Ageing Looking Obvious

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

What You Need To Know

There are a couple of factors that influence the ageing process:

1. Genetics, something we don't have much control over.

2. Our lifestyles, such things as diet, sun exposure and smoking all play a key part.

3. What actions we take to make the best of what we have.

Firstly, we can't do very much about what our genetics say will happen, but what we can do is look at previous generations, then look at what potentially it may have in store for ourselves, whilst looking at ways to slow it down, or minimise the impact.

Nurse Dawn

"The Sun Contributes To 90% Of Ageing, YES 90%!"

Secondly, lifestyles, play a very large role in the way we age. I know we hear it all the time, smoking will age us quicker, as will poor diet. But what isn't being discussed often enough is sun exposure. I'm not even talking about when we get a sunny day or when we are on holiday, (don't get me started on sunbeds) but the everyday, damp, over cast, dreich day - in Scotland.

The sun contributes to around 90% of ageing, YES 90%!

So really, when we see what's left for diet and other habits, why do we hammer on about those for ageing (obviously they impact on more than just ageing) when the sun is in the sky every day?

An issue that is very common is when people know all about what is making them age faster, and yet do not take action, or seek help that is so readily available, to combat it. This comes in the form of sunbeds, using the wrong skin care, not removing make up etc.

It may just take a little time, money and effort to get there. Instead of, a few years down the line, a whole lot of time, money and effort.

The answers to slowing down the signs of ageing are, having a consultation with a specialist that will listen to your thoughts, needs and wishes - understand how your face is ageing and offer you the individualised options to help YOU.

One size does not fit all.

At The Goddess Clinic, we take our time to ensure you fully understand what is happening in the whole face as the ageing process occurs. Let me tell you, your going to hate this part!

However what it will do, is make you understand what will happen if no treatment is chosen, and also the options to slow this process and give you back your power!

The options we have available for patients cover:


Facial rejuvenation

Profile balancing

Asymmetry correction

Scar revisions

Complexion enhancements

Ageing protection

All round confidence boosting.

We achieve this by using a combination of

Over my 10 year career as a Nurse, I've learned the importance of seeing each patient as an individual, taking a holistic approach to their care. I believe helping people this way provides effective care, but also makes each person I support feel special. I created The Goddess Clinic to bring this holistic philosophy to my patients, making each person feel their personal best, rediscovering their Inner Goddess.

Booking Fee Refunded On Attendance

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