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A range of medical grade skin care products from Alumier on display at The Goddess Clinic Edinburgh

Skin Care Edinburgh

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(Booking Fee Refunded On Attendance)

Facial concerns, such as the signs of ageing, can have a negative impact on our wellbeing. We’re committed to helping you look and feel your best.

Why does skincare matter?

Skincare is important to help maintain and improve the skins’ natural function. The skin is the bodies largest organ, we need to look after it. Professional skincare allows us to do that by treating skin conditions and reduces the signs of ageing.


All skincare changes can take time and we advise at least 3 months for the patient to start seeing results. There is no quick fix; skincare is for life.


"Invest in your skin wisely, you will be wearing it forever."

What can I expect from my skin consultation?

All patients receive a free, no-obligation 1-1 consultation with our skin specialist Nurse Dawn. We will take time to identify your aesthetic goals. We carry out a medical assessment and physical examination including a digital skin scan to identify what your skin needs. We agree on a treatment plan bespoke to you. The treatment plans are patient-led and so will be worked through at your pace. At-home skincare plans are made available online allowing patients to purchase without feeling pressured.

What conditions can you deal with?

If you have problematic skin such as scarring, acne, rosacea, pigmentation or lines or wrinkles, there is a skin care routine out there that will be effective. It’s a process of getting to a point where the skin is well managed. Nurse Dawn has experience with many skin conditions. Depending on the nature of the condition we may suggest prescription only skin care.

Why do the skin products you use matter?

If you’re choosing an aesthetic skin clinic it's likely you have tried every skin product available to you without seeing the results you want. Our expert knowledge can help guide you to avoid forever spending money on off the shelf products that are not suited to your skin. The best place to find yourself if you’re not sure is with a skin specialist.


Most people think that skincare must be complicated to get results. That is just not the case, a 6 or 7 step routine is just not something that is required. What's important is using products suited to your skin that have the correct ingredients with the correct delivery systems. That’s how we ensure a quick and effective skincare routine.


Mass market products are often fragranced and don’t have the concentration of active ingredients that’s required to see real results. That’s why at The Goddess Clinic we only provide medical-grade skincare. We stock Alumier MD and Obagi Medical in clinic, as these are two brands Nurse Dawn has personally used and gives fantastic results.

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Dawn took time to address my skincare concerns and successfully recommended products to improve my skin. She has also tailored treatments to my needs and always acts professionally. She's knowledgeable, attentive, diligent and a lovely person to be treated by!

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Common Concerns We Treat

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You may be experiencing:

  • Skin laxity

  • Discolouration

  • Enlarged pores

  • Potential dehydration or excess oil

  • Dull complexion

Nurse Dawn has a range of products and treatments to combat each of these signs, as well as preventing/reducing further decline. Think of her as a personal trainer for your skin!

Medical Grade Acne Skin Products from AlumierMD


You may be experiencing:

  • 6 Different type of spots

  • Oily skin texture

  • Red/Painful to touch


Nurse Dawn will create a package of home care and professional skin treatments to kill bacteria, reduce redness and help get rid of all possible signs.

Pigmentation Treatment AlumierMD - AHA Renewal Serum


You may be experiencing: ​

  • Sunspots to face or arms

  • Melasma markings 

  • Post inflammatory pigmentation

Nurse Dawn has a wide range of treatments to help reduce and eradicate the signs of all 3 pigmentation issues.

Rosacea Treatment Vitimin C Everactive C & E from AlumierMD


You may be experiencing:

  • Burning or stinging 

  • Long lasting redness

  • Acne-like spots (papules and pustules)

  • Visible small blood vessels

Nurse Dawn has a range of home care and in clinic treatments to reduce the signs and symptoms of this condition.

Nurse Dawn smiling while sitting at reception at The Goddess Clinic Edinburgh
Skin Care


Bespoke To You

Prescribed by Nurse Dawn


Improvements can be seen 1-6 weeks*

This varies from patient to patient




Ongoing to maintain results



Down Time


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