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Patient with a hair net on lying on a treatment bed while Nurse Dawn applies a skin peel using a brush

Skin Peels Edinburgh

Skin Peel: Image

(Booking Fee Refunded On Attendance)

Exfoliating skin peel treatments help eradicate those confidence reducing concerns.

Skin issues that cause us to look aged:

  • Sun damage

  • Dark and dull skin

  • Scarring

Skin Peel: Text
Our Range Of Skin Peels

Peels are identified by the depth at which they work: superficial, medium, and deep. After a full medical consultation Nurse Dawn will advise you on the depth most suited to achieve your goal.


Superficial peels work on the very top layers of the skin. They are great for first-time patients who want to improve skin brightness and help with skincare absorption. These typically feel like an itching sensation on the skin which lasts until the peel is neutralised.

Medium peels work down to the upper dermis and cause controlled injury to stimulate increased cellular turnover and collagen production, promoting a more refined skin texture.

We currently don’t offer deep level peels as the downtime for these can be significant. If you are interested in a deep peel, then we have colleagues whom we can recommend. However, we advise undertaking a consultation first as many patients concerns can be treated using medium depth peels.


Improves Skin Texture

Increases Skin Luminosity

Light Exfoliation

Depth: Superficial


Combats Skin Concerns

Improve Skin Health

& Overall Appearance

Depth: Intermediate


Eradicates Most Skin Concerns

Depth: Intermediate-Deep

Our aesthetic skin clinic offers skin peels tailored to you that help eradicate those confidence reducing concerns. They assist healthy cell generation which in turn helps stimulate collagen and elastin, lifting any unwanted pigmentation, producing a wonderful glow to your skin.

Chemical Peels

Skin peels, otherwise known as chemical peels, are a liquid form of exfoliation.  Skin Peels are a form of skin exfoliation using a combination of acids. These work by breaking down the bonds holding cells together which then lift causing ‘peeling’. Whatever your skin concern, Nurse Dawn can help make your skin glow.

Skin peels have a wide range of benefits including improving hyper-pigmentation, scarring, and wrinkles. They can help minimise pores, combating acne, stimulate collagen and new cell formation, and improve skin dullness.

A course of 3-6 peels may be advised, depending on your skin concern. Acne patients can receive skin peels every 2 weeks when using the correct at-home skincare. All other skin concerns can receive skin peels every 4 weeks.

Nurse Dawn smiling while sitting at reception at The Goddess Clinic Edinburgh
Skin Peel


Bespoke To You

Carried out by Nurse Dawn


Seen immediately, lasting up to 4 weeks




30mins - 1 hour depending on which treatment chosen


Mild to moderate tingling

Down Time

24 hours - 5 days

Skin Peel: Features

Skin Peel FAQs

Skin Peel: FAQ
Will my skin peel off?

Depending on the depth of a peel, your skin may peel. Most patients don’t peel and only experience some dryness. Patients are provided with an aftercare pack which will help keep this to a minimum.

Is it sore?

The experience should not be sore, patients are provided with pre-peel guidance which should mitigate discomfort. Most patients find the peels to be comfortable, and we would never start patients with a medium or deep peel for their first time.

Who is not suitable for skin peels?

Anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding, who has allergies to the ingredients of the peel or is on any medication that could cause a reaction on the skin. If patients are unsure we advise a consultation with Nurse Dawn who can assess this and advise the best treatment options.

Where on my body can I have a peel?

We can treat the majority of the body with our peels, particularly the face, neck, decolletage, hands, chest and back.

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