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3 Rules For The Perfect Pout

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

What You Need To Know

We have all read, seen or heard about when lip fillers go wrong. But if you are like many, wishing to give your lips a little reboot, what is it you should be looking for from your practitioner?

The 3 key rules all practitioners should practice is 1. proportion, 2. balance and 3. harmonising the lips for every patient. This means assessing the whole face and planning treatment accordingly.

Each patient is unique, and so is their lips.

Bringing a photo to your appointment is not the best way to show your practitioner what your desired look is. The reason for this is trying to achieve someone else's lips is at times, unrealistic.

Having a full in depth consultation will enable your practitioner to fulfil your lip goals.

The diagram (below) shows the ideal lip ratio and the areas of the lip that we look to support and volumize. Understanding that not everyone's lip shape and size fit into this golden ratio is vital to ensuring that your results complement your facial harmony and not altering the individuality and natural beauty.

Questions to answer when looking for the correct practitioner and how you know they can achieve your lip goals.

What should you be looking for in a practitioner:

1. Are they medically trained?

2. How long have they been injecting?

3. Are they able to understand everyone is unique?

4. Is there evidence of their work?

5. Do their lip goals match your treatment outcomes?

Nurse Dawn

"You're Own Natural Shape, Just Enhanced."

So what do you want to achieve for your lips?

We can work on defining your lips, lifting the cupids bow, adding volume and creating a more prominent lip shape where there may not be one.

The key factor that influences this is time. Understanding that creating the perfect lip ratio can take a couple of sessions to ensure that the 3 rules are maintained while reaching your desired look.

At the goddess clinic we work with a number of patients on building their lips- naturally, not getting as much product in as possible. Building a lip , when someone has very thin lips takes planning, the correct product and the correct technique.

People choose The Goddess Clinic because we will never put 'excess' product in anywhere just to use what's left if we feel your tissues have taken enough. Attempts to do this can cause unwanted outcomes and spread to outside the lip.

Perfection takes time to create! Enjoy the process and the results will speak for themselves.

Over my 10 year career as a Nurse, I've learned the importance of seeing each patient as an individual, taking a holistic approach to their care. I believe helping people this way provides effective care, but also makes each person I support feel special. I created The Goddess Clinic to bring this holistic philosophy to my clients, making each person feel their personal best, rediscovering their Inner Goddess.

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Get Your Perfect Pout

I am excited to announce we will be using the amazing new RHA Kiss filler from our favourite company Teoxane. This new product is just like our current RHA line, the best part is it comes in 0.7ml which means its perfect for first time patients and a lip refresh!

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Booking Fee Refunded On Attendance

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