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3 Amazing Clinic Treatments

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Why In Clinic Treatments Are Important?

First off, 50% of keeping your skin in check is good skin care, and I’m not talking about a routine that is as long as your arm, but one that has the key ingredients to making a difference (please see our previous blog). With this being said there are 3 key in clinic treatments that will be responsible for the remaining 50%.

''Make sure your home care is complimenting your professional treatments."

Skin Peels

Chemical skin peels are a fantastic treatment for my patients. They provide liquid exfoliation, removing dead skin cells on the top layer of the skin. We have a range of peels that penetrate to different depths of the skin. We tailor the peel based on the results you desire. Peels help speed up cell turnover, which is hugely important as we age. Cell turnover slows from every 4 weeks to around 5/6 weeks, this is why our skin lacks lustre.

Benefits Of Skin Peels:

  • Melasma/ Hyperpigmentation/ Sun Damage removal

  • Dull Complexion Brightening

  • Scar Reducing

  • Reducing Acne

  • Stimulating Collagen

  • Reducing Pores

Collagen Induction Therapy

Second up, is collagen induction therapy. Also known as micro needling, it is probably my favourite treatment. It's a great alternative to injectables, and I advise patients to have a course of CIT if they are unsure if they want to start injectables.

It's the use of tiny needles attached to a roller or pen that is moved over the skin, which creates tiny little micro channels in the skin. Depending on the what we want to achieve a numbing cream maybe applied. CIT stimulates the body’s natural healing response, producing collagen and elastin in these areas. Combining this treatment with the others intensifies the results and introduces extra goodness to the skin in the form of complex nutrients etc.

Benefits Of CIT:

  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles

  • Healing of acne

  • Scarring

  • Reduces appearance of skin ageing

  • Minimise Stretch-marks

  • Reduce pigmentation/ sun damage

Skin Boosters

Lastly, is skin boosters. These are relatively new, in the respect of how they are being delivered and how they work. There are so many boosters available for all areas of the body and my current favourites are from Profhilo, Teoxane and RRS. All of which have a unique place in the clinic and can be utilized at any stage of a treatment.

Benefits of Skin Boosters:

  • Skin Tightening

  • Skin Hydration

  • Quicker Cellular Turnover

  • Bright Complexion

  • Improved Skin Texture

  • Reduction In Fine Lines & Wrinkles

  • Added Nutrients

  • Natural Collagen Stimulation

  • Hair Growth Stimulation

  • Reduction In Stretch Marks

These products can be injected into the skin or they can be used in conjunction with collagen induction therapy, and this is dependent on what each patient prefers.

Book A Consultation With A Professional Who Understands Your Needs

As you can see it doesn’t take many products to make positive changes in your skin health and appearance. The type of booster used is dependant on each individual, their outcome and current skin quality. Its important to have a skin assessment with a professional to make sure the best option is used to achieve the best results.

A detailed face to face consultation, helps to choose the correct products for your skin. As a Nurse I’m passionate about ensuring you get the best advice and service possible. The service I offer is tailored to you.

Booking Fee Refunded On Attendance

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